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Bodyboard King's Team is a star studded cast of rippers from all over Australia. Some
People say it's the Best Bodyboard Team in the World. When you're on the Bodyboard King Team, You're Considered Royalty!


Ben Player
Ben Player, Star of The Ben Player Project. 2005, 2007 & 2013 World Champ. Voted No 1 in the Peer Poll 2 years running.  Riptide Bodyboarder of the Year 2013 & 2014. All round Shreddernaut, Ripper extraordinaire, Own's part of Grand Flavour, Movement Mag & the Bodyboard King Team's longest serving member
Ben's quote of riding for the  the team "Yeah, riding for Bodyboard King is the coolest thing ever. Not only is it a sick brand but I'm on the same team with my brother which is cool"

Sponsors: NMD Bodyboards, Stealth Fins, Agent Eighteen Wetsuits, Grand Flavour, Bodyboard King

Here's Ben's Clip celebrating his 2013 World Title Victory

Ben Player World Champ 2013 Clip from Tyge Landa on Vimeo.

Ben's Instagram feed.

Jake Stone add's cream to the BK Team. He is a multi talented freakazoid with enough energy to power a small city.

From getting Tech in comps to riding monsters to shredding on the skater. Jake does it all.
Sponsors:  Stealth Stealth Fins, Agent Eighteen Wetsuits, Grand Flavour Clothing, Bodyboard King

Here's a nice clip of Jake Stone Shredding on his new VS Model

Jake Stone / Twenty Fourteen from Tyge Landa on Vimeo.

Jake's Instagram Feed

Jason Finlay
Hailing from the south coast Jase has his finger on the pulse is always on the best spots at the best time.

He just keeps getting better with age. His humble attitude, fearless approach & top bloke aura make him a role model for many. Watch his latest clip, all filmed in one surf. Jase let's his surfing do the talking.

NMD Bodyboards, Stealth Fins,  Zion Wetsuits, I Am None Clothing & Bodyboard King